Thursday, June 5, 2014

On Command

Last night i came on command! *smiles very big*

i have read so much about others being able to do this, and longed to be able to. Feeling it would be another sign of my submission and Masters control, it has become quite a deep need within me to achieve this.

When He first spoke of giving me till the count of 20 i must admit i was anxious. The pressure to cum when He told me to was strong and those familiar feelings of possible failure were popping into my mind. Then something happened, it was like a switch in my mind was turned on. i focused totally on the sensations and Him instead. Something He has been trying to get me do for a while now. Seems that i have so many triggers i find it hard to just relax and enjoy the feeling, but last night i did IT!

Opening myself completely, my thoughts went to Him only, focusing only on His voice and letting the knowledge of being His really sink in. The more i focused on being His, being with Him, Controlled by Him and that the orgasm was His and not my own the more i seemed to relax and settle into all the wonderful sensations i was being allowed to feel.

It would be great to give a play by play but to be honest i was so far into what i was experiencing i can't honestly say i remember details. What i do remember is the Command "Cum"! It was beautiful! Even more beautiful was that i could tell Master was very pleased. i felt euphoric and my smile must of been huge.

As i think back on it, it felt almost as monumental as the day Master collared me. One more sign of how much i truly do belong to Him in all ways. Isn't it amazing how feeling that Control from your Master is so liberating!

Silly fears and anxiety creep in again now as i type this, i so hope this is not an isolated thing for this girl. NO! Not going there, it will happen again because i am His! Past is past and the future is waiting, filled with hope and confidence. He will take me there, i have no doubt of that, and i will submit!

slave *~destiny~*